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About The Marlow Cheese Co


 Lynda and one of the girls Hi there, my name is Lynda Hill and I live in the beautiful riverside town of Marlow in South Buckinghamshire.


For years I have secretly harboured the thought of becoming a cheesemaker (probably from watching 'Countryfile') I not only love to eat the wonderful stuff but I am truly amazed how you can take this liquid called milk and transform it into something you can use and enjoy in so many different ways.


After a lifetime of mundane office and retail jobs and following a serious health scare I decided that if I didn't follow my dream now I never would, so in June 2015 I attended an introductory Cheese course at the Artisan School of Food in Nottinghamshire. Here I was introduced to the handcrafted production of 'real' cheese, I came home determined that Buckinghamshire would have an artisan cheesemaker to call its own!

After unsuccessfully trying to find an (affordable) workspace my very patient and understanding husband agreed to convert our garage into my very own micro dairy.

Lots of hard work, sweat and tears followed not to mention cost (my biggest expense being my bespoke 300 litre cheese Vat all the way from Germany, my version of a Porsche!)


 The start of the process I am passionate about keeping things local and the provenance of my produce, therefore I approached my (very) local dairy the family owned Lacey's Dairy in Lane End, their 100% pure Guernsey herd produce milk like 'the old days' where the cream is on the top! This milk contains three times as much omega 3 as other milks and contains beta-carotene which is a source of vitamin A, as this is not digested by the cows it passes straight to the milk which creates its lovely golden colour. 


'Factoid':- Beta-carotene is found in green vegetable matter ie grass and is thought to give protection against certain cancers.


My first cheese is a soft Lactic style cheese, fresh and young with a natural white rind called 'Cygnet'. Perfect on crackers or French bread, ideal for a cheeseboard or adding to your cooking this cheese will ripen from the inside and is sold at 2 weeks and can be enjoyed up to 10 weeks old.


My second cheese is a blue version of the above for all those who like a bit of 'uumph' with their cheese, this has a natural grey rind and is called 'Bucks Blue'.


I plan to make an alpine style semi hard cheese at certain times of the year (leading up to the Christmas period) this I hope will please the gentlemen who love to have a chunk of cheese with their beer(s), yes hubby I mean you! This will be called 'Regatta'


In addition to my cheeses and as perfect accompaniments I will be offering a small range of handmade pickles and preserves.


I really hope you get to know and love my cheeses, I take pride in their production and quality, I can be found at various Farmers Markets in the Bucks/Berks/Oxon areas please feel free to come over for a chat and nibble. Alternatively I can be contacted at or my Facebook page .



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Benefits of Guernsey Milk



Benefits of Guernsey Milk compared to Holstein,


Guernsey milk has:


12% more protein
33% more vitamin D
25% more vitamin A
15% more calcium
300% more Omega 3


Note: Guernseys are the highest known producers of the A2 type of beta-casein protein.


The Golden Guernsey colour is in fact caused by high levels of beta-Carotene, and the effect is even stronger when the cows are grazing on fresh grass in the summer.


A Young Cygnet


We are located in the Thames riverside town of Marlow, Buckinghamshire.


The Marlow Chesse Company is based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Food Standards Agency - Food Hygiene Rating - 5 - Very Good Food Standards Agency
Food Hygiene Rating 5
(Very Good)

Artisan Cheese Awards - Silver Artisan Cheese Awards
Melton Mowbray 2017

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Based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire


07813 284648




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